Write Your World.  What does it mean, you ask?  Why that name?  Where did you, meaning me, come up with it?  It all began a long time a ago…in a galaxy far, far away that we could only reach (well, there were other ways, but still) by taking the highway.  That far, far away galaxy was Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It was Star Wars Weekends 2009.  The time I actually began to experience the love being a true fan of Star Wars.  Ashley Eckstien, the voice actress of Ahsoka Tano on the Clone Wars show, was there and hosting Behind the Force.  I remember it like it happened just yesterday of the story of how I met face-to-face with her, her husband, and Dave Filoni.  (That’ll be another post).

Mrs. Eckstein by that time was the founder of Her Universe.  Her Universe was at the beginning all about women and Star Wars apparel.  Their motto, I guess you can say, is Dream Your World, Be Your World, Flaunt Your World.  It’s such and inspiration to me I had to name this blog Write Your World.