In honor of Valentine’s Day!  This was also an entry for the RPC Valentine’s Poem Contest for us silly RPC Students of the DF.


Locked Heart Opened
The story of a broken heart fixed

In my past
I was in love
I thought it would last
He made me soar beyond above

But he disappeared
How could I have been so blind?
Love was fake it appeared
And my heart would never bind

I locked my heart
Hoping it would mend
And wished this from the start
With no more love to send

Until that day
My sad heart wasn’t free
On that lonely Valentine’s day
When a boy walkd up to me

Later into that year
In which we came
Together in friendship near
But my heart stayed the same

On the next Valentine
He gazed in my eyes
And asked, “Will you be mine?”
But I told him, “Love is nothing but lies.”

“That’s not what I see,”
He smiled at me smart
And held up a key
And opened up my locked heart

Love is true
For my heart he fixed
With his “Forever I’ll love you.”
And my heart and a lock again never mixed