Year 3000
Two screams filled the forest air. A high pitch and painful scream followed closely by a low yell were quickly silenced. Only one living thing heard their yells for help and she laughed. The standing figure looked down at two of the people who had made her life a living hell.

You deserved this. You made me. I told you all along that you all would pay…pay for what you did to me, she thought. The others will live but I’ll be the one in control. But not yet for you two…something more is in store for you.

A distant young boy’s cry entered her ears. She tilted her ears in that direction. Then after a moment of listening Serina Hallens gazed at the place where she pictured the little boy.

“Please, please…Serina, spare him,” whined the female down on the cold black dirt.

Serina winced at the sound of her name. “You dare call me by that name?”

“Forgive her, please. Forgive us all. I mean,” said the male of the couple as he tried to laugh through the pain in his abdomen, “We were teens; stupid ones….”

The standing female smirked, “Forgive you…HA! Fat chance. I’ll forgive you after I do what I want. Ironic don’t you think? You told me-” Serina knelt down to see the couple’s faces- “that I would never get what I wanted from you. But now….”

She sat straighter and guestured her left arm toward the sounds of whaling. “But now I do. All thanks to you,” Serina smiled evilly.

“NO!” cried the mother of the little boy, “Please! Leave him alone!”

Serina stood up again and replied, “Oh don’t worry, I won’t take him yet. I want everything to be…perfect.”