Here is a sneak peak 🙂

As I grew up as a toddler, I hardly seem to have stored memories in my brain. Thanks to cameras I can see how I grew up from a little worm to a walking human. I do not remember taking my first steps, crawling up the stairs half-way only to fall right back down, but I got up and tried again; I do not recall going to Disneyland at age one, dancing in the hospital while I waited for my little brother to come into my life.

I do not have any glimpses or memories of the first two years of my life. I did not know that I lived in New Mexico for those two years. I do not remember sitting in my bouncy chair feeding our dog Cheerios, having play dates with a girl named Monique, or literally rolling around everywhere in the house.

Thanks to home videos and my dad, I know all of what I mentioned above. But it would be great if I could actually see them by memory.

However, one of my first memories goes all the way back to the first or second day of preschool or first grade. I was in the dining room/second living room sitting down at my blue, purple, red, and white plastic desk. My mom, whose looks at that time I cannot remember, had just placed my school paper done in front of me.

There were the first three letters of the alphabet on the paper and I had to copy them in print. I remember thinking something along the lines of, “Okay I copy? Then why isn’t Mommy saying anything.

I had to ask Mom several times what I had to do.

Another school memory occurred while my Mom’s Dad, Papa, was over. While everyone was outside watching Pearce, who was too young for school at the time, I was stuck inside writing my little “i’s”. Papa came in and walked to the front of the house.

When I thought it was “clear” again, I continued “cheating” on writing my i’s. I would draw the line part of the letter i and do that across the page. Then I would go back to the beginning and draw the dots.