Here my new story.  Don’t worry KK, The End, and In a Dream will continue in a bit. 🙂

   It was like I was lost.  But you know that feeling you have when someone you care for is missing and you know where they are exactly (or hopefully)?  That was me, except I was the one missing but I knew where I was.  I hoped.

   I didn’t know anything: who I was, what my name was, how old I was, and even what I looked like.  I was like a newborn baby.  Wondering why it suddenly found itself somewhere else.  And that baby, me, wanted to cry too.  I couldn’t remember anything, but I felt like I had remembered something at one point.

   I knew I had a life.  I tried thinking.

   Well that’s something, I thought, It can think.

   I picked myself up from the sandy ground and checked my surroundings.

   Great, it can move around too.  This one might be easier to handle.

   Suddenly a deep feeling in me was saying that wasn’t me thinking.

   You’re not.  That’s me.  The thing controlling you.

     I jumped to my feet and whacked my head on something hard.   The lights went out for a moment.  What?

    Yeah, they all freak out like that.  Well, some of them.  Very few.  Surprising you are; you looked like that not-so-smart people when we first spotted you.

    That’s when I crawled only to hit something again.  This was getting weird.  Almost like-

    It’s not a dream.  You’re not dreaming.  You’ve been brainwashed.

    I was about to ask this – thing – what brainwashed meant when:

    It means you’ve lost all memory of what you once were.

    “Comforting,” I thought.

   In a way, maybe.  You humans have so many bad memories it’s a miracle for some if they lose those.

     “Can you bring back these memories?” I asked.

   Yes, but…I’m not going to.  You see?  You knew too much.  Way too much for your own good.  It’s better this way.

   Okay.  This was too awkward.  I thought for a moment and asked, “What’s your name?”

   I don’t have one.

   “Your purpose?”

   To know you.  To be you.  To control you.



   “Your name.  That’s what I’ll call you.”

   My name?  You truly are a strange one.  It might be fun controlling you.
   Suddenly I felt a fiery feeling in my soul and it felt familiar.   “But that doesn’t mean I’ll like you.”