Three days later…

   In truth, the more I figured out about my Insider, the less I liked him – it.  She?  Whatever it is.  “Can I at least get out of here?”

    Oh, certainly, but as of right now.  I’m testing you.  Seeing if you are what we need.

    “Um, excuse me?”

   Oops, let that slip did I?  Well, no matter.  It’s not like you wouldn’t have found out anyway.  Insider’s voice, if that is what it had, sounded to me like it meant I wouldn’t have.

   “Where am I?”

   That’s not quite safe for you to know yet.

   “But I’ll find out anyway,” I said matter-of-factly.  I waited awhile for it to respond back, but it didn’t.  I smiled in my victory.

   Fine, you got me.  But that doesn’t mean that I’ll explain myself.

   “Fine,” I said irritated, “What about my name?”

   No, not gonna tell you, Elsie.

   I smirked in the dark.  And waited for him to realize his mistake.  He did not.

   Anyways, the real issue is how we can see how you’ll get out of this rock.

   I didn’t reply or do anything except keep the smirk on my face.

   Well?  What would you do?

   “I wouldn’t know what to do, actually, because I’ve never been trapped inside a cave,” I said, “And, yes, I did find that out myself.”

   And apparently I stumped my insider; he didn’t respond back in any way…….for a while.

   With me controlling you, you may find yourself doing things you have never done before.  But you can only do it when I’m in control.  Remember that.  Many others have died trying to fly from cliffs with their controller controlling.

   I shook my head, still in a crawl position in the dark.  This was getting more interesting as I sat here.

   “Well, I think as a controller, you should always be aware of your….uh….”


   “Humanoid’s doings.  If in fact you stay in our head or wherever you guys chill around at.  Also, you might want to try and not tell your humanoid their name.  It might…ya know…lead to an uprising.  Or you might lose your job,” I said in a smart-alec way.  Apparently as far as I could tell this was normal for me or my old self.  The one with the memories.

   Oops.  Might have let that slip.

    The one with the memories.  Which I needed to get back.  Hopefully as Insider said, that I was a strange one.  Maybe that strangeness would be good for me – Elsie.