It’s May 4th and that means Star Wars Day!  Truthfully, I’ve been more excited for this day than my actual birthday-day which was two months ago – March 4th.  If you did not know already (I’ll find your lack of knowing if you didn’t xD) I am a huge major loving Star Wars fan.  Yeah, I like Star Wars a ton!


In honor of Star Wars Day, I will be writing about several different things today.  Like my favorite characters, my favorite everything Star Wars, my major Star Wars moments, etc.  Keep your eyes open!

This is how I’m celebrating today:  Watching the movies as so: New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, then the prequels: Phantom of the Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith.  If I have time and if it’s there (Dad…) I’ll what The Force Awakens, Clone Wars movie and series, and Star Wars Rebels.  Maybe I should just watch the originals and throughout the rest of the month watch the rest.  That way I have a month’s worth of Star Wars!  Also a week before, I was watching the makings of the films just to get me ready.  I’ve been studying well, master.

I’m also wearing my Leia dress I purchased at Hot Topic, all thanks to HerUniverse! I’m going to be adding to my outfit with my Han Solo Millennium Falcon “I love you” necklace and the STAR WARS necklace.  Then rainbow loom lightsabers (orange and white for my colors) earrings. 😀  Also, admiring my Ahsoka Tano (gasp!) action figure with Darth Vader! And no music except Star Wars, duh. 😉

Well there you have it!  So how are you celebrating?  Believe me I would be throwing a party if I could!  However, I can’t it seems.  And yes believe me I would do, not try, but do.  But I do not.  Master Yoda would be so very disappointed.  Ah well I took his words to heart though. Lol.  Got any Star Wars stories?  Share you must!  Happy Star Wars Day!

May the force be with you…always,