My favorite character of all the films and shows…*drum roll*……..

Is this little astromech ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–> download (1).jpg

Yep R2-D2.  Why do I like him?  He’s awesome.  He took care of two B2 battle droids with fire.  Way to go, Artooie.  He was the only astromech to come back from the outside of the Queen’s Nubian ship.  He’s been there for Luke, Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Leia, and Han.  And without him we wouldn’t look at Star Wars the way we do now.  Or at C-3PO.  R2 is my hero… 😀


cwa_ahsoka_tano_3_psd_jpgcopy     Ahsoka_Tano_(Full_Body).png

My second favorite character is ahsoka_rebels_1Ahsoka Tano.  I met Ahsoka when I was eight or nine and took a liking to her immediately even though she was Snippy.  But as I grew I caught up to her age it seems.  I turned 14.
That’s when I began the Clone Wars series little by little.  Now I’m sixteen and I still look up to her now in Rebels.  She’s awesome.


Han Solo stands in the top three, at three.  He’s funny.  He’s also Indiana Jones.  I mean come on.  You watch Star Wars and then you seem has Han.  Watch Indiana Jones you see Han.  Watch Star Wars again he see Indiana Solo or Han Jones.  Harrison Ford is one skillful actor and we love him for that.


Number four shows Leia’s name next to it.  Yeah, she’s amazing.  We will never forget her amazing buns.  And she makes one good General in episode seven.  Also not to mention the perfect match for Han.  Which leads to my two favorite scenes between Han and Leia:




As for the others in the Star Wars universe I all like you the same…So…who are your favorite SW characters?


(Also, I’m on episode five…and almost done XD)