😉 You know what this is for.

  1. I have never come to face-to-face with my bestest friend in the whole world.
  2. I’m really shy in person.
  3. I skipped 3rd grade.
  4. I’ve had two boyfriends.
  5. I have never been kissed. (Yeah 16 and never been kissed). lol
  6. I love all kinds of food except grits which I’ll still eat but only a few bites and then I’m down for a few years. xD
  7. My favorite restaurant to eat at is Chick-Fil-A. Their frozen lemonades, fries, Chick-Fil-A sauce, chicken sandwiches, and milkshakes ever.
  8. My favorite flower is the bitteroot.
  9. My first concert ever was Evanescence in Washington DC, in 2007. I was 7.
  10. My favorite artist is Red.
  11. I was given the coolest nicknames ever by my best friend: Bluebird, LizLee, and Lizzy.