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  1. Whats your favorite type of music(ex. country, alternative, etc)
    1. Metal Rock.
  2. Favorite book?
    1. I can’t pick one xD  Either the Kingdom Keepers Series or Wings of Fire. Can’t decide.
  3. Favorite type of movie(ex. comedy, drama, etc.)
    1. Comedy. I love to laugh. 🙂
  4. Would you get piercings; if you have piercings would you get more?
    1. I’ve actually been thinking about getting some more piercings lately, but I think not until I’m older.
  5. Favorite Youtuber?
    1. TheTimTracker.
  6. Movies or TV shows?
    1. TV shows. The more the better. This one is hard to answer though.
  7. Pets or nah
    1. Pets for sure. I so want another dog. ❤
  8. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be
    1. Hawaii or Disneyland (or both?). xD
  9. Do you believe in god?
    1. Yes.
  10. Favorite actor/actress
    1. Harrison Ford. 😉
  11. Favorite singer/band
    1. Red.


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  3. Favorite video game?
  4. Favorite movie?
  5. Favorite word(s)? (Up to 5).
  6. Have you written a story? If so, what’s it about? (Feel free to link it)  If not, what’s your favorite story written by someone you know or what do you want to write about?
  7. Who is your best friend? Why?
  8. What song bests describes you?
  9. Do you play any instruments? If so, what is it/what are they? If not, which one is your favorite to listen to?
  10. Favorite school subject?
  11. If you were to find the golden lamp from Aladdin what would be your three wishes?

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