My fellow student on the RPC challenged us to write specific topics she had set for specific Zodiacs.  Mine is Pisces and the topic was about my favorite candy.  Enjoy. 😀

What’s my favorite candy, you may ask? Skittles, of course. They are delicious and are used for different series of flavors. Now you may ask, why? I guess, for one, it is in my blood. My father ate Skittles like crazy when he was in college. He ate a whole party sized bag during one day while in different classes. For the rest of the day he was ill-feeling and had a headache. But I do not only like Skittles just because of that, but because of the flavors and how fun they are to chew and even suck. My favorite flavor is lemon (the yellow colored Skittles).

I liked them so much that I’ve had several dreams about Skittles. But the one really etched into my memory is the dream where I had an above ground pool filled with Skittles. In the dream, I swam in the Skittles after I dove in. It was funny but pretty cool too. I told my Dad that dream and he and Mom surprised me with a giant bowl filled with Skittles at my Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party. I almost died from laughter at the sight of the bowl. It was amazing. And that’s why I like Skittles.