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These questions look really hard.

1. What do you believe?
 I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our wrongs and rose again three days later, conquering our sins and freeing us from the bondage of hell.  I believe everyone and anyone can be saved, according to my relationship with God, by accept Jesus and then living out that love they feel from Jesus and sharing that love with others.  I also believe to tell this to other people (also called unbelievers, but I don’t see them as such) but not to scare them into it.  It’s their choice, I can make up their minds for them.
2. Why do you believe what you believe?
 TobyMac puts it wonderfully:
3. What do you want in life?
To be an actress/voice actress (*cough, cough* Mr Filoni?), to marry my tru lwove, have kids (possibly adopt) (I’m not too much in a hurry for this), and some many other things.
4. What matters most to you?
My family, friends, books, and stuffed animals.
5. What purpose do you find in life?
To be a friend for those who don’t, to show them you care and love them even when it seems they think they are too unlovable or worthless to themselves or to others.
6. What defines you?
The people I hang out with, how I react to certain things, and the choices I’ve made and continue to make.
7. What are the three most important goals in your life?
  See my best friend,  to be kind, a light, and a hope to everyone, and to get my dream job.
8. How do you view the world?
Falling apart.  Needs help. So many wrong things, but still good happy things too.
9.  What are three things you dislike?
Mayonnaise, pointless arguing (aka sibling arguing xD), and snakes.
10. What are three things you like?
Star Wars, Ice cream, and Skittles (and chocolate, and brownies, and etc.)
11. How would you describe yourself? Kind, caring, loving, bright, friendly, speaks up for others, knows what she wants and believes, but not exactly sure of herself, etc.
Now for my nominees!:
Here are the 11 questions for you all 😉
  1.  What is your favorite time of year? (Seasons, month, etc.)
  2. Who is the coolest person you know and why?
  3. What are three wishes you would wish to be granted?
  4. Favorite essay you’ve ever wrote/read? (Please link it! :D)
  5. Favorite movie scene?
  6. How many shows have you watched through entirely?
  7. Would you rather watch movies/tv shows AND not be able to read books or read books AND not be able to watch movies/shows?
  8. Favorite band(s)/artist(s)? List as many as you wish 😉
  9. Religion or relationship?
  10. Who is your crush? (Describe him/her please! <3)
  11. Asian, Mexican, American, Italian, Seafood, or German food?

Enjoy, fellow students/siblings! ❤ Also if you want to answer these questions but were not nominated, feel free to comment your answers below!