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  1. Favorite Princess:

    1. Rapunzel, 2. Ariel, 3. Elsa (My top three XD)

  2. Favorite Prince:

    Eugene Fitzherbert 😉

  3. Favorite Sidekick:


  4. Favorite Disney movie: 


  5.  Cutest Disney guy: 

    Killian (OUAT), Eugene, Eric.

  6. Favorite Disney Villian:

    Ooo, they’re all so evil xD Probably Ursula.

  7. Favorite Live Action Disney movie:

    If it was a show, it would be OUAT.  Hmmm…Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens? XD

  8. Favorite Disney horse:

    Maximums. I know, I know a lot of Tangled there.

  9.  Favorite Non-Human Disney Character:

    Timon & Pumba.  They are the best.

  10. Which Disney Princess Dress would you wear to prom?  

    Oh gosh, toughy….Ella’s dress from the live action movie – Cinderella or Ariel’s sea green one, or Elsa’s ice gown…grr…so tough! XD

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