Welcome to Write Your World!  This site is all about what I write for fun, for you enjoyment, and for just something I need to get out in the open.  I’ll be writing fan-fiction, short stories, parts of my book(s) I hope will one day be published, probably stories that will one day go into my autobiography, fun facts, tips on writing, and maybe a few posts about how I’m feeling.

For the fan-fiction writings, I’ll be fan-writing about Star Wars (maybe), Kingdom Keepers, Harry Potter, and most likely anything you request!  For short stories, I’ll be making my own and/or posting my favorite one of all time.   For my book, The End, I’ll be posting, hopefully, a third or a half a chapter a day/week.  I’ll post fun facts about my life.  And give you some tips about what I learned about writing.

Now, you’re probably wondering where I thought the name: Write Your World.  I’ll post the first post about this.  The link will be posted here.

If I feel like it, I’ll post book reviews and my takes on them.  Just remember, reading is super fun.  My all time favorite quote about reading is this: Will be posted later…

To be continued…