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May the Fourth: Favorite Characters

My favorite character of all the films and shows…*drum roll*…….. Continue reading “May the Fourth: Favorite Characters”


May the Fourth: How Star Wars Weekends 2009 Changed the Way I Looked At Star Wars

sww09-logo.jpgAll the way at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios (or MGM) in 2009, I attended Star Wars Weekends that summer.  Papa would usually take Pearce and I.  Little did I know that year would be different from all the rest. Continue reading “May the Fourth: How Star Wars Weekends 2009 Changed the Way I Looked At Star Wars”

May the Fourth Be with You!


It’s May 4th and that means Star Wars Day!  Truthfully, I’ve been more excited for this day than my actual birthday-day which was two months ago – March 4th.  If you did not know already (I’ll find your lack of knowing if you didn’t xD) I am a huge major loving Star Wars fan.  Yeah, I like Star Wars a ton! Continue reading “May the Fourth Be with You!”

My Insider – Chapter 2: Figuring Things Out

   Three days later…

   In truth, the more I figured out about my Insider, the less I liked him – it.  She?  Whatever it is.  “Can I at least get out of here?”

    Oh, certainly, but as of right now.  I’m testing you.  Seeing if you are what we need.

    “Um, excuse me?”

   Oops, let that slip did I?  Well, no matter.  It’s not like you wouldn’t have found out anyway.  Insider’s voice, if that is what it had, sounded to me like it meant I wouldn’t have.

   “Where am I?”

   That’s not quite safe for you to know yet.

   “But I’ll find out anyway,” I said matter-of-factly.  I waited awhile for it to respond back, but it didn’t.  I smiled in my victory.

   Fine, you got me.  But that doesn’t mean that I’ll explain myself.

   “Fine,” I said irritated, “What about my name?”

   No, not gonna tell you, Elsie.

   I smirked in the dark.  And waited for him to realize his mistake.  He did not.

   Anyways, the real issue is how we can see how you’ll get out of this rock.

   I didn’t reply or do anything except keep the smirk on my face.

   Well?  What would you do?

   “I wouldn’t know what to do, actually, because I’ve never been trapped inside a cave,” I said, “And, yes, I did find that out myself.”

   And apparently I stumped my insider; he didn’t respond back in any way…….for a while.

   With me controlling you, you may find yourself doing things you have never done before.  But you can only do it when I’m in control.  Remember that.  Many others have died trying to fly from cliffs with their controller controlling.

   I shook my head, still in a crawl position in the dark.  This was getting more interesting as I sat here.

   “Well, I think as a controller, you should always be aware of your….uh….”


   “Humanoid’s doings.  If in fact you stay in our head or wherever you guys chill around at.  Also, you might want to try and not tell your humanoid their name.  It might…ya know…lead to an uprising.  Or you might lose your job,” I said in a smart-alec way.  Apparently as far as I could tell this was normal for me or my old self.  The one with the memories.

   Oops.  Might have let that slip.

    The one with the memories.  Which I needed to get back.  Hopefully as Insider said, that I was a strange one.  Maybe that strangeness would be good for me – Elsie.


My Insider – Chapter 1: Meet Me

Here my new story.  Don’t worry KK, The End, and In a Dream will continue in a bit. 🙂

   It was like I was lost.  But you know that feeling you have when someone you care for is missing and you know where they are exactly (or hopefully)?  That was me, except I was the one missing but I knew where I was.  I hoped.

   I didn’t know anything: who I was, what my name was, how old I was, and even what I looked like.  I was like a newborn baby.  Wondering why it suddenly found itself somewhere else.  And that baby, me, wanted to cry too.  I couldn’t remember anything, but I felt like I had remembered something at one point.

   I knew I had a life.  I tried thinking.

   Well that’s something, I thought, It can think.

   I picked myself up from the sandy ground and checked my surroundings.

   Great, it can move around too.  This one might be easier to handle.

   Suddenly a deep feeling in me was saying that wasn’t me thinking.

   You’re not.  That’s me.  The thing controlling you.

     I jumped to my feet and whacked my head on something hard.   The lights went out for a moment.  What?

    Yeah, they all freak out like that.  Well, some of them.  Very few.  Surprising you are; you looked like that not-so-smart people when we first spotted you.

    That’s when I crawled only to hit something again.  This was getting weird.  Almost like-

    It’s not a dream.  You’re not dreaming.  You’ve been brainwashed.

    I was about to ask this – thing – what brainwashed meant when:

    It means you’ve lost all memory of what you once were.

    “Comforting,” I thought.

   In a way, maybe.  You humans have so many bad memories it’s a miracle for some if they lose those.

     “Can you bring back these memories?” I asked.

   Yes, but…I’m not going to.  You see?  You knew too much.  Way too much for your own good.  It’s better this way.

   Okay.  This was too awkward.  I thought for a moment and asked, “What’s your name?”

   I don’t have one.

   “Your purpose?”

   To know you.  To be you.  To control you.



   “Your name.  That’s what I’ll call you.”

   My name?  You truly are a strange one.  It might be fun controlling you.
   Suddenly I felt a fiery feeling in my soul and it felt familiar.   “But that doesn’t mean I’ll like you.”



Drawing :D

Here is me in Star Wars:

Leeta Sumara


Then my lightsabers:



Gravity Falls


Gravity Falls is TV show.  It’s about the summer of twins Mabel and Dipper Pines as they stay at their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan’s Mystery Shack for the summer.  Located in Gravity Falls, Oregon, the Mystery Shack is not the only mystery in the town.  A lot of supernatural stuff is happening.

It’s up to the twins to solve mysteries, try to find out who the mysterious author of the journals is, battle enemies who stand in their way or want revenge against the Pines family, and uncover secrets.  Not only is it action packed, interesting, full of comedy and laughter, but also contains a lot of meaning of having a family and being a sibling.  It is definitely worth watching with the whole family and better than most Disney shows.  If you have not ever watched it, grab your sister(s) and/or brother(s) and I bet you’ll be giving awkward sibling hugs.



My Autobiography: The Life of a Girl: My Story Up to My Teen Years

Here is a sneak peak 🙂 Continue reading “My Autobiography: The Life of a Girl: My Story Up to My Teen Years”

Mastermind – Song

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
We’re running around in circles
And I’m trembling inside

Rejected and refused
We ran for our lives
For we were two of few
Who knew of their lies

(We are)

I don’t know where to go
Because of what I’ve been told
This could be the end
The earth begins to bend
I’ve lost my way
I need the words you say
I am lost inside
Just help me defeat this
My life is lost
My life it cost
My soul is suddenly gone
And you’re the only one!

(Who can)
Heeellllllpppppp Mmmmmeeeeeee!

I don’t know where to go
Because of what I’ve been told
This could be the end
The earth begins to bend
I’ve lost my way
I need the words you say
I am lost inside
Just help me defeat this

Life it ends *I’m dying*
Death begins *I’m dying*
Darkness descends *Defeat my mastermind*

Light goes dim *I see the end*
Survival is slim *I see the end*
Brightness ascends *Defeat my mastermind*

Life comes back *It was you*
It is you I lack *It was you*
You set me free

You defeated my mastermind

I now know where to go
Because of what I’ve been told
This is not the end
The earth begins to mend
You helped me find my way
I heard the words you say
Now that you defeated this


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