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The Grandpa Poem

In honor of my dear Grandpa’s birthday this month.  I love you 🙂 Continue reading “The Grandpa Poem”


The Loving Savior

Here’s a poem I made years ago…. Continue reading “The Loving Savior”

Poem #3 – Pictures in the Clouds

This is the last creative writing assignment form those old days ago… Continue reading “Poem #3 – Pictures in the Clouds”

Poem #2 – Bad Memory

Here’s another silly poem. Lol

A big family
Had a little Stanlee
He would go hiking
Or was it biking?
Yeah, I remembr him
No, wait, that was little Kim


Poem #1 – Scrapes? Where?

Okay so the few poems I will be posting on here are poems I wrote in 4th or 5th grade.  I took the Abeka Homeschooling Program, back then.  Oh gosh…xD  Enjoy! 😀 Continue reading “Poem #1 – Scrapes? Where?”

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