5a23ad4a-dd53-40dc-8837-b1cbacce8af6Heyo!  Perrissa here, but I’m also called Bluebird.  I’m sixteen years old.  I am a Christian.  A lover of books, music, acting, shows, movies, candy, writing, etc.  The list goes on and on but here a few important things you need to know about me:

I have a family of seven.  A loving Dad and Mom, and four brothers.  (Save me!!! xD)  The tumblr_muqs58zqly1sib2dzo1_250oldest kid of the family (other than Dad…lol) is my big bro, Adam, who is 18.  I’m the second oldest.  Alec is the third oldest, who is 14.  Next in line is Pearce, who is also 14, but a few months younger than Alec.  Finally, Caedon who is 8! is the youngster of the family.  My family is a blended family, but we’re just a good as a “normal” family.     xD Me with my bros ===>

Books are my life.  I must at least 50 times a day flip a page of any book.  Reading to me is like the sun is to a plant.  I need to read.  I read several different books: Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, Star Wars – The Extended Universe books (no longer canon :(), Wings of Fire, and any other book I can get my hands on really.  My favorite book series is the following:  The Kingdom Keepers or Wings of Fire.  I can’t decide.  I should have an answer to which one after I finish reading the whole series of each, or both series in the KK’s case.(Like and comment if you’ve read them and love them…:D)  My ultimate favorite book is A Kingdom Keepers VII – The Insider or Wings of Fire: Moon Rising.

My favorite thing to do in the evening time is watch shows with my family.  We have finished watching, Psych (I miss Shawn and Gus :'(), Heroes, and Friends.  We are almost caught up on Once Upon a Time (Season 6, of course).  We have been watching Gilmore Girls, which I find interesting.  Star Wars the Clone Wars sometimes creeps into our TV time.  On every other weekend, we watch one of the favorites:  Xena: The Warrior Princess, and Hercules: the Legendary Journeys.  My favorite TV show of all however is Gravity Falls.

MUSIC!  I love music.  I’m going to list the kind of music I listen to and then the artists that fit under that.  I listen to Christian rock/metal: Red and August Burns Red, 70s, 80s, and 90s: Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Frozen Ghost, Information Society, etc., and rock/metal: Evanescence and Crown the Empire.  I went to Rock the Universe in September of 2016!  I loved TobyMac, Andy Mineo, and NF.  Amazing time.

As I grow up I love to pursue my dreams.  Those dreams have to do with my career.  I want to be an actress, voice actress, singer, and a dancer.  I also want to be an editor and a writer.  I hope this comes true.  But recently, my most dreamed career has to do with Disney.  I’ve been thinking about become an actress for any of the shows.  (Any Tangled shows/character meet and greets out there in need of a Rapunzel?  I’ll work in Disneyland if need be! XD)

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll follow! 🙂