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Disney Tag!!!

Consider yourself tagged!!!  Here is where I found this:

Please check out her poems and other tags!  She is amazing!  And I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to enjoy!  Don’t forget to follow InkGirlWords!

  1. Favorite Princess:

    1. Rapunzel, 2. Ariel, 3. Elsa (My top three XD)

  2. Favorite Prince:

    Eugene Fitzherbert 😉

  3. Favorite Sidekick:


  4. Favorite Disney movie: 


  5.  Cutest Disney guy: 

    Killian (OUAT), Eugene, Eric.

  6. Favorite Disney Villian:

    Ooo, they’re all so evil xD Probably Ursula.

  7. Favorite Live Action Disney movie:

    If it was a show, it would be OUAT.  Hmmm…Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens? XD

  8. Favorite Disney horse:

    Maximums. I know, I know a lot of Tangled there.

  9.  Favorite Non-Human Disney Character:

    Timon & Pumba.  They are the best.

  10. Which Disney Princess Dress would you wear to prom?  

    Oh gosh, toughy….Ella’s dress from the live action movie – Cinderella or Ariel’s sea green one, or Elsa’s ice gown…grr…so tough! XD

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Kingdom Keepers: The Next Generation – Chapter 1: The Beginnings

Chapter 1


Leeyia Stroods

I sat up -­ only to bang the top of my head on the bottom of one of my foster brothers’ old bunk beds. I reached for my head and swallowed the yell of pain that wanted to come out.

“Lee?” my biological twin sister said in an all-­too­-awake voice.

“Yeah…?” I asked groaning under the pain.

“You awake?”

   “No,” I said as my eyes rolled.

   “Oh…well while you’re still listening to me then: look at this.”  I could hear the sarcasm in Persephani’s voice.  Then, suddenly a shadow of a book fell unto my sheets beside me.

   “Wait…what?”  I was still enduring the pain and growth of my now swelling bump on my head and trying to remember my dream.

   “Just open it to the page I marked, Leeyia.” Continue reading “Kingdom Keepers: The Next Generation – Chapter 1: The Beginnings”

Kingdom Keepers: The Next Generation – Prologue

Kingdom Keepers: The Second Generation

Author’s note:  I have only read Kingdom Keepers Book 1: Disney at Dark through Book 7: The Insider and A Kingdom Keepers Adventure: The Syndrome.  This does not necessarily go along with any of the second series.


The Kingdom Keepers have protected Disney for over ten years now; that’s almost as long as I’ve been in school.  They are either married, have kids, or just doing what twenty ­year olds do.  I read the books but didn’t believe it was true.  But then again, there are a lot of things about me in there that I thought no one knew except for us.

I guess what I’m trying to say is ­it’s real; all of it. The death of (Spoilers) ; Maleficent, Chernabog, the Evil Queen, Tia Dalma; five (sometimes seven) kids crawling into their beds only to find themselves moments later in Walt Disney World.

Now, it’s all happening again. The Overtakers are back. But this time they’re going against us six. All I really have to say is this: Believe in yourself and in each other.

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