I thought it would be fun to tell you all what I did this Halloween.  I really started celebrating on the 26th.  My church’s middle school youth group, where I volunteer every Wednesday, had a Halloween party.  On the 30th, my church had a free Trunk ‘r Treat.  Then finally I joined my friends on Halloween Night at their house to help hand out tons of candy.

First off, you know me, a Star Wars freak, or at least should with all the May the 4th posts on here (my best day for this site according to WordPress).  I took that Star Wars freakiness and dressed up as one of my newest favorite character in that galaxy far far away.  Rey __________.  No last name.  But soon…soon it will be known!!  The costume on Amazon was for $45.00: shirt, leggings, cuff, arm wrappings, and belt included.  However I did not stop there.  I went and built her staff.

Don’t think right off I built it by using my own imagination or anything like that.  No, I watched a video on YouTube.  Sorry.  But it was easy to follow along (for the most part xD) and everything you needed was cheap.  Thank Justin K. 😀

At first I went outside and looked for a 1/2 inch long pvc pipe.  Dad didn’t own one though he swore he did.  Nope, Dad, nope.  You didn’t.  He also helped me have like $2 by letting me use some 3/4 inch couplings that it called for.

At Home Depot, I got all the pieces necessary.  Except for two things: the two caps were 3/4 inches which are meant to go on at the ends of a 3/4 inch pvc pipe.  I realized this when we got in the car.  Mom said we could go back, but I knew we needed to get home and give the stuff she bought to Daddy.

Another trip to Home Depot was in order.  Thanks to Hurricane Matthew and the power outage.  From Thursday night when Matt hit us to about Tuesday, we did not have power.  Therefore on Saturday, we all went to Home Depot to gather some piping and wires to hook up the well to the house so we could shower and wash the several day old dirty dishes.  This was my opportunity to get the right cap pieces.


Before Spraypaint



With the staff pieces put together, all I need was to put the spraypaint on and the wrappings.


As for the rest of my family, Dad and Mom were Dad and Mom. Lol.  Caedon, my youngest brother (almost 8 (in 11 days!)) was pikachu.  He wore a pikachu onesie.  Alec and Pearce, (14 but different months) were both Kylo Ren.  Adam, my oldest bro, was himself.  Yeah. xD

For the middle school party, everyone came dressed up, except for a few who forgot.  Everyone was so cute.  There was Stich, Lilo, two cats, a goddess, Phantom of Darkness, Dolphins football player, Halo Masterchief, three 50s ladies with the different color shades, a pheasant, two traffic guides, Deadpool, a person dressed up as a person he knew, etc.  It was amazing with all the different games, the candy, cake, and amazing costumes.

The real fun began on October 30th.  I had asked my friend, Josh (as Luke Skywalker), if he needed help with his trunk.  It was a Star Wars decorated trunk.  Well, actually three trunks.  Now if you don’t know what a Trunk ‘r Treat is, it is where people dress up themselves and decorate their cars in a theme according to their costumes.  Kids walk from car to car, asking for candy.


There, there were only three Reys.  Myself, and two other little girls.  One was just plain adorzablez.  She ran up to me and hugged me.  I had to give her extra lollipops. XD  And a hug or two.  She was so sweet.  That’s her brother as Kylo Ren.

My dad eventually had a Pokemon ball balloon.  He tied it to him so I knew when he was coming over and where he went.  That was fun. xD

Also I just started watching the Walking Dead and saw several zombies throughout the days.  Also I got a spoiler.  From Parker who was Han Solo.

We had a lot of fun giving out candy, hugging/talking with all the kids and the costumes were amazing.  Us volunteers got to go on the last hay ride of the night.  I’ve never had a better time at our Trunk ‘r Treat.

Finally on Halloween night, I was picked up by one of close friends, Clara and her brother Jeremy.  We went to their house while my parents and three younger brothers went out to Pokemon Go.  At their house, we had dinner (chili dogs and Mac and Cheese! <3), carved two pumpkins and then went out into the mosquito ridden outside world to give candy to all the little chillins.

9207567586582759286-account_id1    Jeremy was dressed up as a person half eaten by a spider whose mission was to kill the spider or be under its command or something.  He scared a whole bunch of teenagers. xD

Clara was a vampire.  She too scared teenagers.

Again, I was Rey, but this time I was Jakku dirty/war Rey 5851713895131587060-account_id1with “grease” along my face and a blood (red hairspray) in my hair.2938125900948118619-account_id1


It was sad last night. xD We had a lot of candy near the end.  Therefore when the next few kids came we started giving them a handful each.


How did your Halloween go?  Let me know! 😀

Also, I don’t have my padawan braid anymore.  After a year and one month I decided it was time I became a Jedi Knight.  Don’t worry I was top in my class. xDDD